Are you passionate about making a difference? Do you want to be able to positivly change the community around you? If so then Khanya college is the place for you to be. The course work is challenging but will equip you with all the required skills to be a Social Auxillary worker.
Our campus is located very close to the Johannesburg CBD in Auckland park.

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A word from past students

Hazel de Vos

Hazel Profile I was recommended to Khanya College by someone who held them in high esteem.

I registered as a student with the College in June 2010 for the Social Auxiliary Worker course..

I thoroughly enjoyed the Course. The lectures, studies and assignments proved most interesting and informative. I found these studies to be beneficial as it equipped and assisted me in understanding the needs of the community, preparing me to handle and understand clients (being sensitive and empathetic to their needs and circumstances) , teaching me to be observant and aware of such needs, knowing when, where and how to refer people, teaching me how to work alongside colleagues and to co-operate to reach the desired goal of assisting disadvantaged and needy people.

The Course was challenging and rewarding. It certainly helped me to gain a lot of insight and furthered my knowledge in the field of Social Work. It is also beneficial to be affiliated to the Council for Social Work..

It was good to meet fellow students and to share with them. The opportunity to enjoy social interaction and have fun was also appreciated.

I found all the Staff at Khanya to be friendly, warm, caring and most helpful. They were always ready and willing to oblige and assist me whenever I needed their help.

posted by Hazel de Vos


Social Auxiliary Worker.

Rejoice Thokozile Eister

Rejoice Profile I am Rejoice Thokozile Eister and my classmates used to call me Mama Thokozile. I joined Khanya College February 2010 with a purpose of improving my skill in community development which I have been involved in since 1993 then I went to study for the social auxiliary certificate. I want to believe that every one of us was not sure what to expect or whether one will I be able to fit in. The introduction and the induction by the staff members made things easier and possible to adjust as well as making immediate choices of what do you want to become and take home with. It is important to have an open mind when intending to join any institution so as to adapt easily to the new environment and changes. Khanya College has instilled a sense pride, self-confidence and discipline in me not that I did not have but it has helped me to rewrite my history and also challenge myself to go further and study.

I would like to commend the lecturer Mrs. Keke Stephens for the wonderful work she has done with all of us but personally I would like to thank her for inspiring and encouraged me to believe in myself and allowing me the opportunity to be counselled in the process. The moments and knowledge we shared as learners during the year and the impact it has in my life is priceless.

Khanya College has always gave me a sense of being one of its family member because every member of the staff was loving, friendly and always ready to talk or listen when learners need to share loads of challenges. In short being a learner at Khanya College has helped me to discover myself, the strength and ability that I did not know I have. The environment at the college was and has been warm from Ousie Manky, Emma, Lindiwe, Rita, Sis Jackie and Elmarie although we saw very little of her.

posted by Rejoice Thokozile Eister


Social Auxiliary Worker.

Nomawetu Kunene

Nomawetu Profile Hi my name is Nomawetu Kunene I'm 34 years old. I've been given an opportunity by my employer to advance my knowledge by studying and I was studying at khanya college it has been an eye opener, the experience I have was worth it.

Now I can facilitate I'm bold and I can say I'm am confident in whatever I do because of the information that I received from Khanya college, their manuals are excellent I m telling you khanya college is the best in future training and education, as a result of me contributing to our organization with knowledge I have received from khanya college, it has opened opportunities for the other student who qualified at khanya college, now there are four former khanya college student that are given an opportunity and are employed in our organization, not because I was with them at the college but because of changes I have implemented after I went to the college. .

posted by Nomawetu Kunene


Social Auxiliary Worker.

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